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Chile Astro Imaging Trip Overview [4/11/04-4/26/04]

The observatory class telescopes of Cerro Tololo, at 30 deg South latitude near Vicuña, draw the attention of astromers and astro-imagers worldwide. We flew from Los Angeles to Santiago and took a domestic flight from Santiago to La Serena. La Serena is a coastal tourist town with all the modern conveniences of a mid-sized city. From there, we rented a car and drove 53 km east to the charming town of Vicuña and stayed at the Hosteria Vicuña for several days before imaging. Vicuña, complete with a supermarket, bank, and internet cafes, provided our basic necessities. Oscar Saa from Cerro Tololo introduced us to the astronomy inn, aptly named La Frontera, located an additional 55 km from Vicuña in the remote town of Alcohuaz. The trip gave us a glimpse into some local town culture along the way, including a visit to the home & school of Chile's Nobel Laureate in Literature, Gabriela Mistral. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful but be forewarned that very few people speak English.
Hosteria Vicuña
Paihuano local scene
Montegrande near Gabriela Mistral museum
Pisco Elqui arts & crafts market
Pisco Elqui local scene
Pisco Elqui local scene

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